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Is Construction a Lucrative Career?

Mar 14, 2022

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Considering a job working in construction but don’t know if it’s the right path? It’s one of the fastest-growing industries in America, with the need for more hands-on-deck every day. Here’s a glimpse into the current benefits of being in construction, what opportunities are available, and whether or not it may be a good career path for you.


Is There a Demand for Construction Workers in California?

California is facing a labor shortage when it comes to construction workers. The passing of Senate Bill 1 (SB1) in 2017 allotted $54 billion to California to spend on roads, freeways, and bridges across the state. This infrastructure investment caused a huge demand for construction workers, creating a high amount of jobs for carpenters, cement masons, operating engineers, ironworkers, and other construction roles.

The labor shortage is partly due to decreased interest in these roles, and the other reason is that the industry now faces a trade skills gap. Recent generations were encouraged to pursue more technology and general office-based work, slowing the number of young people entering the construction industry. Now that long-term construction workers are retiring or nearing the end of their careers, it can be difficult to find younger people with the knowledge and skill to step in and take over these essential positions. That puts those who are willing to learn and pursue the path to becoming a licensed contractor in a construction-related trade in a great position to secure a construction job and find success.

The Benefits of Working in Construction

What can work in construction offer you? Here are some of the top benefits.


On-the-Job Training

Training and education opportunities are quite accessible in the construction industry. It’s common for employers to give new employees ways to expand their knowledge and skills. Much of this experience is obtained on the job, so you get paid to work at the same time you’re gaining an education instead of waiting until you finish your formal education to put your skills to use.


Many Different Trade Types

Construction is an industry that offers many different paths. You could choose to go into general contracting, roofing, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, masonry, etc. The list of different positions is long. There’s a good chance there’s something you’re interested in and have a knack for, and you’ll likely pick up some knowledge about other roles on the job if you ever decide to switch trades.

Travel Opportunities

The construction industry is often very mobile in that, in many cases, workers are needed across the country. Depending on what type of construction you go into and what your preferences are, you could end up contributing to job sites all around the state or even nationwide.

Job Security

Construction will always be a thriving industry. Residential, commercial, and government building needs will always be there. If you can perform a trade well, you’ll always be in high demand. If you leave a position with one employer, you’ll likely be able to get hired with another within a few weeks.

Growth Opportunities

There are many opportunities to climb the ladder in construction, and that isn’t a pun. If you learn how to do your trade well, maintain licensure, and follow all contracting laws and business guidelines, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to rise through the ranks and secure a management position.

Solid Income

In 2021, the average pay for a construction worker was $15.87 an hour. That’s an average taken across all trade roles and experience levels. After a few years, it’s common to reach a level you can be well-paid for, and certain trades like welding or carpentry pay higher than others. While you may not make high sums right away, construction provides so much room for growth that there’s a good chance you can make a lucrative income sooner than you would in many other industries.

Does construction feel like a good career path to you? If so, there are many opportunities to receive a scholarship to pursue education in the industry. AGC offers scholarships to both students and current professionals. You can check those out here.

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