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Online Practice Exams to Help You Prepare

Purchase a practice exam kit and enjoy 90-day access to online practice exams that help you prepare for your chosen trade examination. These online practice exams are key to effective exam preparation and help you get a clear and accurate understanding of what the trade exam will entail. Instructions on how to activate your account and access your online practice exams are included below:

Step 1: Create Your Account

First, you will need to create your account. To do so, visit and click “Create Account” from the box to the right of the screen.

Step 2: Login and Create Your Profile

On the next page, fill out the form to the left and click “Continue.” Then, click “Login to Learning Portal” and create your profile. 

Step 3: Activate Your Online Course

Paste the activation code provided to you when you purchased your exam study kit into the box on the right and click “Redeem Keycode.” Then, click “Open Course” to access your course.

Step 4: Test Your Knowledge Using Online Practice Exams

Once you’ve spent some time studying using the paperback study course manuals and online audio/video streaming courses (available in the Plus & Pro kits), test your knowledge by taking an online practice exam. Do your best to simulate a real testing environment. Before starting an online practice exam, make sure you have a quiet, distraction-free area in which you can complete the exam in one sitting. If you feel comfortable, attempt the practice exam without using references or study materials.

The more you can simulate a real testing environment, the more accurate your practice exam score will indicate the score you can expect to achieve on exam day.

Continue to study and retake the practice exams until you are comfortable with your score. It is recommended that you score at least 90% on each exam before you take the actual state exam. After you complete each practice exam, you will receive a detailed report displaying each of the questions you answered wrong and the correct answer to those questions. Reviewing your practice exam results will help you to increase your score on each practice exam.

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